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New Release

Your Personal Development Workbook Vol. 1

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, or if you are an advanced Personal Development Geek.

This workbook will be useful, simply because I believe that at least once a year we should get back to the basics, and reflect on our life lessons and our own values, review our goals, plans, successes and failures, desires, dreams, but also appreciate how far we have come.

This workbook is going to take you through the foundation of personal development, it will help you realise what areas of your life you want to work on, where do you feel you are stuck, where do you feel things flow, what you need to work on, and what you can let go of now.

When I created Your Personal Development Workbook Vol. 1, I was thinking a lot about what tools I should use to make the process of personal development enjoyable, insightful and motivating.

In the last 17 years, I’ve spent thousands of pounds so I could learn coaching and personal development tools and strategies, test them myself, and then I developed Your Personal Development Workbook.

And that’s not even taking into account the amount of experience I had with people that I helped to create a beautiful life.

I really wanted to make personal development as accessible as possible. I think that during these challenging times we all need a bit of support when it comes to self-awareness and self-reflection, and I hope that this essential workbook will help anyone who wants to create a better, more fulfilling life – in LESS time, in a FUN way.

See, my mission is to help as many people just like you by the year 2030, grow their confidence, get more satisfaction, so they can stop living on autopilot, and start designing the life they want.

The Workbook includes:
• 42 Pages with ESSENTIAL Coaching tools and powerful coaching questions, that allows you to dig deeper into your personal growth.

• 28 printable Affirmation Cards, so you can always carry the motivation with you wherever you go.

• Your Daily Planner, which you can print out on a daily basis.

• Printable weekly and monthly planners.

• Tasks that help you deal with failure, goals setting and planning, and self awareness.

• Certificate of Completion Template. Start celebrating your achievement with your personal Certificate Of Completion!

Here are some FAQ:

Q: Where can I find my workbook?

A: Once you complete the order, you’ll be directed to a download page.

In case you don’t see any email from me, please check the spam folder or contact me.

Q: How do I use the workbook?

A: Page by page. The exercises are designed to help you move from one to another with ease. If at any point you want to skip the exercise, do so, but please think about why you wouldn’t want to complete it?

Is it too challenging or boring, or maybe it will make you think outside of the box?

Q: What next?

A: After you finish the workbook, make sure you implement the tools in your life and keep coming back to it.

You can also book a coaching session with me, so we can clarify whatever you will need help with.

If you have my workbook and the confirmation email with the receipt, you can get a 10% discount on the coaching sessions with me.