From Doubt to Discovery

Last year, I had a tough time. I came back from India, where I became a yoga teacher, and found myself at home not exactly knowing which directions I wanted to go… 

I didn’t want to go back to coaching 35+ clients in the office or over the phone.

Becoming a yoga teacher seemed daunting because, how do you even do that?!

Then, one sunny day in May last year, when my head was full of ‘black clouds’ and confusion I sat in a café with my laptop and typed ‘Yoga teacher job in Sheffield.’ 

The Virgin gym popped up, saying, ‘We are looking for yoga teachers, apply here.’

My body felt the hunch. I clicked the button, sent my certificate, and applied. For the next two months, I heard nothing, so I lost hope and forgot about it. At the end of July, I received an email: ‘Thanks for your application, send us a 10-minute video of you leading a yoga class.’

I was fortunate that through my coaching practice, I’d guided others on overcoming the fear of being on camera for years, so that was easy. I quickly put together a 10-minute sequence and submitted it.

Weeks passed with no response. At the end of August, I received a message saying I was invited to Virgin training for teachers. I was over the moon!

Yet, at the training, doubts flooded in when they told me the classes held up to 38 students. 

‘Are you mad?’ I thought. ‘How the hell am I going to lead classes with so many humans?’ 

It’s true what they say: ‘The fear has big eyes.’ 

It was scary to put myself out there. I had to fly to see my family before starting this adventure and get some mental support. I’m glad I did, as my dad shared some great stories from when he led a team in his job.

Taking a leap of faith and jumping off the cliff always feels scary, even for someone like me who has been working on personal development for the last 18 years. It never gets easier; our mindset just gets stronger. 

I know it’s only when you reach that tipping point of ‘oh shit’ that you can pivot to the other side of fear.

That’s why I just joined Flight Yogi School—to get even better at the ‘oh shit’ stuff. As a mindset, body and spirituality coach, I know from personal experience that having the support of like-minded people can elevate you to levels you could never reach alone.

It is not just about learning how to do inversion poses, but rather about exploring your own fears, limiting beliefs and getting rid of all that conditioning of : “why I shouldn’t do that, bs*.” 

I have a huge vision for my life of sharing the magic of yoga and personal development with other humans. 

This is where the idea of Mindset, Body, and Spirituality coaching came from. My coaching has always revolved around these principles, but now we meet on the mat, working together through everything that needs addressing.

Guided by a personalised program co-created after an initial consultation, this package goes beyond fitness. I integrate coaching sessions to provide support and insights, addressing life’s challenges and fostering holistic growth. If you’re seeking a condensed yet comprehensive approach to self-discovery, this MIND, BODY, SPIRITUALITY YOGA & COACHING PACKAGE is your gateway to a more balanced and fulfilled life.

I am turning 45 next month. I believe It’s never too late to become who you always wanted to be. 

At the certain age we become brave enough to finally let go of “what would others think of me” allowing yourself to understand, that it isn’t about what others think of you, but rather what YOU think of  YOURSELF…

‘If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.’

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